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We understand that you are only as bright as where you are standing and business people skilled in their professions may not know or understand the web and current technologies available to them. Unlike many other companies we believe in efficient solutions with a practical approach to your specific requirements. We will listen to what you want and let you know exactly what your options are without all the mumbo hype and geek jargon. We are humans and we speak like humans too! You are always welcome to come over and kick back on one of our couches and enjoy a cup of coffee and we can work together to provide you with a solution to suit your needs and budget.

Search Engine Optimization
What a mouthful! Or you may have heard the term SEO. Actually what all this means is optimizing a web site and all of the sites pages to ensure they are seen and used as search term resources from search engines. Google is a large administrator of information and it manages web sites (information), which is managed well better than other sites, which do not. Google *now a verb* and some other search engines are where approximately 85% of people find any goods or services. Some of our clients experience the benefits of a search engine optimized site providing thousands of various search term phrase traffic per month to their sites, some of these individual search phrases may see hundreds of search engine traffic inquires and others less though the benefit is the wide variety of these terms which people are arriving at the site delivered from a search engine which is using the site or page to present to people searching for the products or services the clients provide. A web site that is not optimized often will not see any visitors; this is the case with so many sites both large and small. We provide consulting services to companies, web developers and individuals with web sites who may have a very pretty web site, which may function perfectly but receives no traffic. Learn more >>

SEO CMS - Web Based Content Management Solutions ( CMS )
We have chosen theplanet.com to provide our hosting servers. Why? Because it enables us to provide web based cms solutions to our clients from a secure data center with high security and 24 hour full support - 100% Uptime !. Our web servers sit in a 150,000 sq/ft secure data center in Texas on seven main optic fiber network. Every one of our sites resides on one of the largest data networks in the country and we have high bandwidth availability to ensure fast page loads no matter what the traffic load on the site. We provide secure web hosting which works!! And our web based management system is the latest in web site control offering the client full web based site management and web based email, it's fully featured and easy to use. Just how we like it. Learn more >>

A bit about Web 2.0


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