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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving or optimizing a web site and it's structure to be ranked better by the search engines. Search engines are the main tool people use these days to find products or services, Google, Yahoo and a many others. The statistics state that approximately 80% of all searches are done via a search engines, normally Google. Google provides search technologies for many other businesses; this is why it has such a large search base. Search traffic visitors to a site is called “Organic Traffic” as it is delivered to the web site without fees for the click through as the engines are using that page as a resource and delivering clients to that web page without a fee from a search term result. The better the web site or web page is ranked the higher it appears in the search results the more “Organic Traffic” (Web Site Visitors) it gets relative to its overall position when presented in the search results. The other type of visitor supplied by a search engine is “Paid Click Through” whereby the web site pays the search engine to deliver the visitor to the web site. Obviously everyone would like to be # 1 in Google though obviously this cannot be so. What is possible though is to ensure your web pages are being used as resource's by the search engines and ranked well with various search term enquiries. To achieve this, a web page and web site must be “Search Engine Optimized” (SEO) to ensure the site's best possible survival among the thousands of pages being added to the web daily. Over the last 10 years we have achieved a solid understanding of what is required to achieve the best possible ethical search engine optimization results for a web site. This very precise time consuming process is a balance of science and art combining research analytical data on what words and phrases a company's product or service is actually being searched for online combined with specifically defined content, head content meta code data, source code, and navigation form within a web site. Our company researches what is actually being searched online via the main engines and directories, using various tools including real time search word databases consisting of more than 400 million search words and phrases.

These analytics and search results data is then analyzed and tailored specifically to the clients products/company/brand/ to create flow charts and data to carefully create source code structure and information placement within a web site via meta tags and content creation.

By taking a reverse engineering approach to the web, defining what is actually going on relative to searching and then tailoring a site to adhere to customers searches rather than building a site and trying to get traffic we enable the site to flow with the search requirements and search demands rather than compete with what the majority of searches that are relative to product or services offered.

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Establishing trust and brand exposure.
A company’s goal is to target market their product brand or service to enable maximum return on their advertising investment capitol. It is important to define the product or service being provided to market to enable the consumer to clearly understand what the benefits or value is to them of that "brand". Delivering the company brand to market is achieved via many different and separate campaigns all running simultaneously. The high traffic areas on the web is where new content is published daily, news and entertainment prevailing as top destinations. Content is being created on a daily basis via traditional media with news and featured articles. We are know seeing content being created and delivered outside of traditional media by individuals and other independent media via blogs and other personal vertical markets which are attracting enormous amounts of traffic due to the implicitness of interactivity and communication between people on a daily basis. Web 2.0 RSS Enabled sites, some examples are YouTube, MySpace, Ebay to name a few. The web combines the insatiable appetite people have for communication with the ubiquitous access to information via any device to achieve this globally. These new vibrant environments have created new opportunities for people to network and share information unlike ever before. These new publishing environments have also created pressures for revenue as most people want information for free!. These demands have created opportunities for publishers to attract advertising as a revenue model enabling other companies to get their brand amongst the visitors of other sites.

Unlike traditional media, targeting the correct market in this consumer centric environment is what defines a successful campaign. Our company’s goal is to harness web traffic using various techniques and strategic planning with campaign management to ensure capital is employed with the best possible return on investment. There are various different degrees of penetration achieved depending on the direction which is taken and where the focus is relative to the specific demographic, geography, language a company may be looking to reach with their campaign.

Trust is the key to a brand's success
The ‘look and feel’ of a brand is what elicits emotion in a person. The perceived value or associated value of a brand
relative to a product or service is integral to its longevity and success. This is the most important part of any company or product's exposure and must be carefully considered and adhered to when presenting the brand to market. Consistency of a brand extends from company logo to all references to the brand in the marketplace with any advertising collateral or any other form of representation of that brand. When approaching the market this is first and foremost in establishing healthy conversions of web site visitors to sales. This must be consistent with logo, web site layout and navigation, product packaging, product imaging and information relative to company or product including product information and the particular benefits of the brand or product.

Analytics & Market Research.
Defining where you fit into the web. Google is providing over 300 million search requests a day to people looking for products or services. The most effective way to approach the web is to gain a good understanding initially of what is occurring online relative to your company service or product. To achieve this we analyze search patterns of what is actually being searched for online amongst all the engines and directories to establish where your company product or service fits into the searching patterns on the web. We achieve this via analytics and research to gather data pertinent to your company service or product type by analyzing keywords and phrases of all the terms being used by consumers. This time consuming skilled task is achieved by using various tools and techniques developed over the last 10 years, including a live keyword database consisting of 400 million words and real time data of what is actually occurring online. This information is then collated to establish a proper understanding of what is actually going on with the type of product or service you offer. We use this data to create flow charts of valuable information which we can use to define our approach with your company brand or product to market with both advertising and also web site optimization to ensure your web site has important information which people want when they are searching. By reverse engineering a web site to adhere to search patterns we can provide the search engines with web pages/web site which can be used as a resource by the search engines and enable the engines to rank and deliver “organic” visitors to the site. This initial data not only provides valuable information to enable proper SEO or search engine optimization of web pages it also helps with the overall advertising campaign when using Keyword and Key phrase terms in Google Adwords, Yahoo click through advertising programs. This data can also be used when creating tag lines or catch phrases on any advertising collateral banner or advertisements used in the overall campaign online.

advertsing companies online

Creation of an advertising campaign.
This is a creative process and is requires talent to plan and prepare the different types of advertising collateral material, which is to be used to approach the various different demographics and target markets. To employ advertising collateral efficiently in a consumer centric environment various types of ad’s are to be created to be used for different purposes, blogs, impression campaigns, performance based and keyword/key phrases advertisements. Banners or ad’s are created firstly by art direction and creative talent and then graphic designers make up the material or ad’s to use in the campaign.
By spreading the advertising campaign out across various channels we can monitor and gauge the response of the campaign and monitor traffic and conversion sales ratios relative to the different advertising whether it be via a word or banner ad and using pixel technologies on the web sites invoice page to monitor performance and sales conversion data.
Monitoring information is very important to define ROI on any campaign.

performance ad campaigns

Performance Campaigns
Providing publishers of content online with the opportunity to display your company or product with an advertisement which when clicked on delivers the visitor to your web site. You only pay the publisher when a visitor purchases from your site. You pay the web publisher a commission of the total sale of your product or service. This is a very effective method of promotion and cost efficient. We can enable your brand to be presented to 80,000 publishers online, though it is the publisher’s choice to offer your particular product or service. Defining a lucrative exchange relative to % of sale is always a plus to gather more publishers. Traffic/Sales conversion is also another important part of the decision process a publisher is looking for as they will not benefit sending many visitors to a site, which is not converting web traffic visitors to actual sales. Performance percentages offered to a publisher vary though generally 10 – 30% of actual sale/order is advised.

Impression Campaigns
Getting your company brand product or service in front of millions of visitors a month. Unlike a performance-based campaign which is geared to reward/cost on sale only, the impression campaign is charged on per 1000 page views on a publishers site. The visitor may click through to your site though you pay every time that web page is loaded or a visitor hits that publishers page. The brand is being presented on the page the visitor lands on and enables brand recognition and exposure on a daily basis. This type of campaign is essential to brand exposure and enables us to deliver your ad to millions of page impressions all over the web on many different sites. We can target the type of sites we have the ads appear on.

Blog Ads

The personal vertical marketplaces are the fastest growing area of the web, some blogs receive up to 5 million visitors a week and there are approx 70,000 new blogs starting everyday. Some video blogs recieve millions of hits a day where people can watch, discuss and share videos. Originally blogs where a self publishing online journal though now have evolved into valuable business tools. Specific interest groups and communities where people can discuss particular topics. These environments create the opportunities to provide advertising to specific demographics and target market unlike ever before. RSS Technologies ( Really Simple Syndication ) have enabled people to be instantly informed of new material on a blog or instant notification of a topics new comments posted by another blogger. We can target specific blogs with advertising ad’s and this is also an impression campaign where fees are on a per 1000 page view rate. The blogs are excellent to establish buzz, brand exposure and sales by being part of this vibrant high traffic arena. Once again getting the brand or product in front of thousands or millions of viewers a month is achieved by strategic planning and implementation of ad’s. It is advised to offer many different types of ads always maintaining fresh ads ensures a greater chance of visitors clicking through to your site or even discussing your company product or service with other bloggers on other blogs.

How long is a piece of string?
The extent of your campaign is depending on your budget and overall objectives, whether you intend on a campaign within the U.S.A or worldwide, whether you want to penetrate other language markets and geographies.

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